Allison Coles Severance: Wood-Fired Salt Glazed Pottery   •   Workshops

Allison loves nothing more than sharing how and why she makes pots. She is currently scheduling one or two day workshops, demo and hands-on, for 2020. If your school or group is interested in hosting her please contact her at

Allisonís workshop demonstrations include throwing and hand building pots for daily use in the kitchen. Thrown forms include coffee mugs, teabowls, bakeware, plates, pitchers, colanders, bowls for soup and serving, and lidded jars for storing garlic or sugar. Hand building demonstrations include handled bowls and trays created from thick slabs of clay that are intended for gathering vegetables from the garden or serving breads at the table. Finishing techniques for her functional pots include pulling handles for mugs, creating hand built handles for bakers and trays from lugs, creating spouts with appropriate rims and lips, trimming techniques, altering round forms to oval and square, and lids and knobs.

During her demonstrations topics for discussion will include hand positions, the pottery tools she relies on and their use, scale and proportion of functional wares, and tips for workshop participants to create pots that are friendly, honest, comforting, and full of vitality! Allison stresses keeping the user of handcrafted pots visually and tangibly engaged in the pots and will offer tips on creating a sincere and intimate connection between the hands of the potter and the hands of the user.